Acrylic Nails

An acrylic nails treatment is an ideal way to add strength and length to your natural nails. And because our treatments take place in the comfort of your home, you can enjoy your treatment while watching your favourite tv show, or keeping an eye on the kids after work.

After arriving at your home, your nail technician will prepare your nails by pushing back and trimming your cuticles, then buffing the nail to create an ideal surface to bind the acrylic mixture to the nail.

Next, an artificial tip will be glued to the end of the natural nail. The tip will be cut to your preferred length as discussed with your nail technician. The acrylic mixture will then be applied over the natural nail and artificial tip which hardens when exposed to air.

Finally the nail will be filed to a shape of your choice. Popular shapes include round, square, almond, coffin-shaped and stiletto-shaped (long and pointed). Cuticle oil will be applied to hydrate the cuticles.